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Orsett Hall: Large scale I.T & telecoms


Following a devastating fire in May 2007 and the impressive rebuild of the hotel, the owners of Orsett Hall contacted us to provide a versatile and future-proof telephone system that would cope with the guests’ needs whilst offering full functionality for their internal operations. The owners and management wanted to promote the hotel as a prestige event venue and understood the need for a reliable internet connection with a Wi-Fi network that would allow visitors and guests to access the internet without charge. The increased customer usage of the free Wi-Fi by guests and conference delegates alike, was putting a strain on the broadband the hotel was currently running on. The owners approached us to find a viable alternative.

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After in-depth discussions with the management, we identified their keys needs and built a solution based around the Samsung Office Serve 7200 with ISDN lines. With a majority of extensions provided over the Cat5e data network there was also a need for staff, especially night porters, to be contactable wherever they were in the building. Utilising the Wi-Fi network we had installed with I.T. partners Sedcom, we were able to deploy the Samsung Wi-Fi cordless handsets, giving full site coverage without having to buy a separate DECT network.



In terms of upgrading their internet, we investigated fibre optic leased lines but their rural location was leading to installation costs running in to tens of thousands of pounds; we had to think outside the box. We managed to secure a 10MB uncontended wireless connection from a local radio mast at a fraction of the fibre optic costs whilst still retaining all the benefits.  All staff, guests and delegates now benefit from a high speed connection which improves the experience of business meetings and seminars as well as customers staying in the hotel suites.

We have worked with LG Networks on various projects over the last 5 years always and always found them to be proactive in their suggestions whilst speaking plain English and delivering the right solutions for our requirements.

Sam Buck, Purchasing Manager
Orsett Hall Hotel

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