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Royal Opera House: Data moves and changes


The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden contacted LG Network’s to relocate over a hundred live, active network cables from a high profile, grade-one listed building and re-route to allow for extensive building works to commence (which would otherwise have compromised the security of the network). Before the re-routing could take place, we had to tactically scope the area of the existing network.

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We deployed a crack team of network engineers to individually survey each and every cable, then painstakingly label, pull and re-run each cable on the new route before terminating them back to the client’s data cabinet, along with the proper testing. This had to be a slow steady methodical job completed overnight, after performances had completed but before the morning box office opened.



After treating each cable as delicately as the last, all existing data cables were all re-routed, terminated & tested within budget and time constraints, leaving the data network running safely and securely for the business to carry on as usual. No issues were reported back to the network manager, with whom we stayed in touch with over the resulting days to ensure everything was operating as expected . An all round success.

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