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Data cabling, Structured cabling, Network cabling, Ethernet cabling – Whatever you call it the hard-wired copper cabling that runs around your office forms the backbone of your network infrastructure. Often hidden away behind walls, under floor and over ceilings it is the unsung hero of modern high-speed networks. Obviously lacking the glitz, glamour and flashing lights of high tech gigabit switches, routers and servers its easy to underestimate its importance and the value it can add to your network but one thing you should know for sure is, that if your data cabling isn’t up to scratch, the money you’ve investing in the glamorous, high tech stuff is at best underperforming and at worst completely wasted.

At LG Networks we employ our own highly experienced and fully qualified Data Network Engineers and have invested in the right test equipment (over £10k a pop!) to make sure that your network is running to the absolute best of its ability.

Whats the difference between Cat5e Cat6 & Fibre

So what’s the difference between Cat5e and Cat6? This is a question we get asked all the time, should you install Cat5e or Cat6 and what’s the difference. Let’s keep this really, really simple. CAT6 is faster, it can transmit more data than its predecessor and today is the standard of most data cabling network installations. It’s slightly more expensive than Cat5e, only by about 5% but the speed and longevity it will give to your network easily justify that. Unless you’re adding to an old data cabling network and don’t want to mix the two standards, you should always go for CAT6. We do also offer CAT6a and higher standards, but they are not required unless you have a need for very high bandwidth.

What about Fibre Optic Networks? Fibre Optic used to only be the reserve of the big corporate buildings, schools, hospitals and alike, but not anymore. Replacing a lot of copper running over along distance with one fibre optic usually saves you money and we’re always up for saving a few quid where we can. We have to judge each case on its merits but if you think a fibre optic network could save you some money let us give you a quote and we’ll let you know. If you’re not sure, just ask.

Data Cabling Price

How much is it to install a few data points to your office? Unfortunately, is almost impossible to give you a price for a data cabling installation, even a small one, on a webpage or over the phone. We really need to see plans if you have them or best of all we need to call in and take a quick look. We don’t charge for cabling surveys in Central London or Essex. The cost of an installation is mainly down to the amount of labour involved, rather than the material. For example, a simple open plan office which has yet to be occupied, has raised floors and suspended ceilings, and with cable tray installed will be a quick and a therefore relatively inexpensive installation. Conversely, we have installed networks into old, grade 1 listed buildings – having to plan cable routes meticulously around working occupied areas, working out of hours, which on a cable-for-cable basis – costing ten times that of the simple open plan office. So, we’re not trying to vague or elusive, but we really must judge each data cabling installation on its merits. Please give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific requirements and we might be able to give you a guide price over the phone, once we know a bit more about your project.

What’s that I hear you say? You’ve got a mate/sparkie who “does a bit of data”… Like all things, there will always be somebody who will say they can do it cheaper. Data cabling is one of those things that is really tempting to get done on the cheap – it’s out of sight, out of mind. It’s not like fitting gas pipes, or a fuse board – if it’s done wrong or badly nobody is going to die, nothing is going to blow up. BUT what you will find is that everything will run slow, you’ll get what’s referred to as cross-talk, call quality on your phones will drop, your Wi-Fi will drop out and you’ll find it frustrating and costly. The FLUKE NETWORKS test equipment that we have invested heavily in allows us to test every cable and issue full bandwidth certifications and installation warranty of up to 20 years. Can your sparkie do that? Oh, and don’t be fobbed off with pair testing, its not even close to the same thing.

We are proud to have managed significant infrastructure projects including:

  • The Shard
  • The Savoy Hotel
  • The Royal Opera House
  • Olympic Delivery Authority

If you would like advice or want to discuss the best options for your business, please contact our team of experts.



Royal Opera House: Data moves and changes



The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden contacted LG Networks to relocate over a hundred live, active network cables from a high profile, grade-one listed building and re-route them to allow for extensive building works to commence (which would otherwise have compromised the security of the network). Before the re-routing could take place, we had to tactically scope the area of the existing network.




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