1. This forms an agreement between London Gateway Networks Ltd (“we/our/LG Networks”) and “the customer” as detailed on the Customer Order Form.
  2. LG Networks will provide a level of maintenance service as specified on the Customer Order Form excluding any mobile, portable, cordless and ancillary items such as headsets.
  3. We accept no liability for any loss of business or other consequential loss of the customer, arising from any defects in, or performance of the equipment, or service supplies due to causes beyond our control.
  4. All service shall be provided between the hours of 9am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday inclusive, but excluding Bank and Public Holidays unless you have opted to pay for out of hours cover.
  5. The obligations of LG Networks shall be suspended without liability if we are prevented from performing our obligations in normal conditions by events such as fire, flood, earthquake, riot, strike, lockout, transport difficulties, government action or any other event beyond the reasonable control of the parties such as abnormal operation consequent upon a network inability to convey signals between items of equipment as well as radio or electrical interference produced by other equipment and variations in electric or telephone voltage.
  6. Contracts may be terminated after the initial minimum term by:I) The customer by providing a minimum of 30 days’ notice in writing to LG Networks for all services with the exception of leased line internet services which require 90 days’ notice. II) The LG Networks by providing a minimum of 30 days’ notice in writing to the customer. III) Either party, being an individual committing an act of bankruptcy or having a receiving order made against them, or being a company becoming insolvent, having winding up proceedings commenced against it or a receiver of all or part.
  7. No refund of the annual premium or any part thereof will be due as a result of the termination of the contract.


  1. Hardware must be housed in a suitable environment with a temperature not outside of 0-30 degrees centigrade.
  2. Hardware must be supported by an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) providing at least 1 hour back up. The UPS can be supplied by LG Networks or a third party in line with our requirements.
  3. Network power outages or deliberate disconnections from the power supply and any resulting loss of programming are not covered under the terms of this agreement.
  4. LG Networks reserve the right to suspend services and/or limit system hardware or network capabilities in the event that an invoice for related services becomes overdue according to agreed invoice terms.
  5. LG Networks will require the hardware systems to be accessible via the internet through a secure remote link at all times. The link shall be made available for maintenance of the hardware and will not be used by us for any other purpose.
  6. Relocation, programing or any adjustment of maintained equipment by any party other than the LG Networks will invalidate all maintenance cover without return of any maintenance payments made.
  7. The customer shall notify in writing any additions or changes to the equipment that have been carried out by any persons other than the LG Networks.

Mobile Cellular Connections & Hardware

  1. All relevant standard terms and conditions detailed in this document also apply to all mobile and cellular connections.
  2. Damage to supplied mobile handsets however and wherever it occurs remains the responsibility of the account holder and LG networks accept no responsibility for any damaged caused and accept no liability for costs associated to repair or replacement of any hardware. You are reminded that the full term of the payment contract remains, even if the handset is unusable.
  3. You must accept full responsibility for all usage charges on your mobile cellular account including agreed contracted costs as well as all out of bundle additional charges however and wherever they occur including any costs resulting from the loss or theft of your handset or SIM.
  4. You must immediately report a lost or stolen SIM card or phone carrying your accounts SIM card and you remain liable for all costs until you have it confirmed to you by us that your SIM has been blocked.

Network Services Service Level Agreements

  1. LG Networks are a registered with OFCOM under reseller identification code FLC as a communications provider of wholesale infrastructure network services provided to us by, but not limited to, BT Openreach, Talk Talk Business, Vodafone & Virgin. Ultimate provision of network services including installation of PSTN, ISDN, SIP, ADSL & leased line internet provision falls to these providers and whilst LG Networks manage the channel process, we accept no responsibility for any delay, disruption or expense caused by the network infrastructure providers.
  2. Telephone line network services offer various resolution times dependent on the service level selected and paid for by the customer. They are as follows:
    1. Level 1: Resolution by 23:59 day after next, Monday-Friday excluding bank holidays
    2. Level 2: Resolution by 23:59 next day, Monday-Saturday excluding bank holidays
    3. Level 3: Report by 13:00 resolution by 23:59 same day. Report after 13:00 resolution by 12:59 next day, seven days a week, including bank holidays
    4. Level 4: Resolution within 6hrs 24hrs a day 365 days a year (the site must be accessible 24/7)
  3. Basic broadband ADSL internet services carry a SLA of 40 working hours. We strongly suggest customers consider upgrading from Standard Care to either Enhanced Or Premium, or make provision for a temporary service in the event of lengthy disconnection.
    1. Standard care offers fault resolution within 40 working hours (M/F, 9-5) and comes free with all circuits.
    2. Enhanced care offers fault resolution within 20 hours, 24x7x365
    3. Premium care offers fault resolution within 8 hours, 24x7x365
  4. Dedicated Fibre Optic Leased Line services carry 2hr response, 5hr fix, 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.
  5. We can accept no liability for loss of business caused from disconnection from any network service.
  6. Openreach AM service appointments are 8am to 1pm or PM are from 1pm to 6pm. Failure to attend an agreed appointment will lead to missed appointment charges being levied by Openreach
  7. All reports of line faults will require your cooperation for first line support and testing prior to being passed to network level. These preliminary tests DO NOT form part of the resolution times for SLA’s.

Phone System & CCTV Equipment Service Level Agreements

  1. Our standard service level guarantees response within 4 hours of our stated working hours as in point 4 of our general terms.
  2. Other service response times are only valid if stated on the customer order form and the appropriate tariff uplift had been paid.
  3. Cover does not apply to the repair or replacements of minor components (affecting a single user). These will normally be exchanged by courier the next day.
  4. 24/7 cover where selected by the customer applies to catastrophic system failure only. Catastrophic failure is defined as a failure that affects all system users. Minor issues will be resolved next working day in line with our standard terms.
  5. LG Networks reserves the right to suspend services and/or limit system capabilities in the event that an invoice for related services becomes overdue according to the payment terms of the invoice.
  6. LG Networks shall not be obliged to carry out any repairs or provide replacement equipment or alterations due to willful act, default, negligence, or the use of supplies or work carried out not approved by us.
  7. LG Networks reserve the right to levy charges for engineer time invested to customer sites and equipment investigating a reported fault that subsequently transpires to be relating to another service providers equipment or service provision.
  8. LG Networks reserve the right to levy additional charges for any ad-hoc service support provided outside the hours covered under your standard agreed terms.


  1. Standard terms of payment for equipment and infrastructure installations require 50% deposit on order with the balance due within 7 days of the completion of the installation.
  2. Account terms of 30 days net are available upon request, subject to status.
  3. Network services are due by the payment date indicated on your invoice via direct debit
  4. Network services invoices paid by any method other than direct debit will attract a £5+VAT administration charge
  5. LG Networks reserve the right to disable equipment and or restrict service in the event of non-payment of outstanding accounts.
  6. Retention of title: All goods remain the property of LG Networks (“the seller”) and are held by the buyer as bailee only for the seller until the whole of the contract price is paid
  7. When LG Networks are acting as your subcontractor, delays in payment from your client to you shall not affect nor influence our agreed terms. All equipment and materials installed into your client premises remain our property until our account is settled regardless of any payment difficulties you may be having with your client or the end user.
  8. When lease funding is provided by a third party you shall lodge a 25% deposit with LG Networks to be returned upon the leasing company remitting funds to LG Networks. Where we act as the introducer, you authorise us to act on your behalf as necessary.


  1. Whist all reasonable measures are taken at both network & manufacture level to provide a secure environment security of your service and/or equipment is ultimately the end users responsibility. LG Networks accept no liability for any direct, indirect or associated cost incurred by network or hardware hacking or other unauthorised costs/use.
  2. All systems must be protected by up to date, professional firewalls, anti-virus & malware protection although use of such services does not guarantee against unauthorised access and suitable insurance should be sought to cover such illegal activity.
  3. It is your responsibility to regularly change robust passwords to reduce the likelihood of cyber-attack.
  4. In the interest of total clarity, any cost incurred by you, the end user as a result of illegal or unauthorized access to your systems or network, however it should occur, will be due in line with usual payment terms.
  5. Inclusive packages are subject to our fair usage policy and do not cover fraudulent calls which remain payable as standard terms.
  6. You must keep us informed of any change in your physical address so we can inform 999 emergency services. Failure to do so could result in a fine of up to £50,000

Summary Of Key Points

  • All equipment & materials remain property of LG Networks until paid for in full.
  • We reserve the right to restrict, suspend or withdraw any service if your account falls into arrears.
  • No security is impenetrable to the determined. You are responsible for all costs incurred on your account, even if they are the result of a hack or other fraudulent activity.
  • Basic ADSL broadband has a resolution time of up to 40 working hours. Increased SLA’s are available.
  • Out of hours cover is only available if you have pre-selected it. Our out of hours number is 01375 363261

Glossary Of Terms

The telecoms industry is littered with acronyms and TLA’s. To help you we’ve explained the most common ones below.

TLA: Three Letter Abbreviations
WLR: Wholesale Line Rental, provided through a reseller
PSTN: A traditional analogue line often used to host ADSL
ADSL: A basic, mainly domestic broadband service
ISDN: A digital phone line for between 2 & 30 lines

FTTC: A shared high speed fibre optic connection
EFM: A dedicated copper internet connection
Leased Line: A dedicated fibre optic connection
VoIP: Using your internet connection to carry your phone calls
SIP: The internet protocol to move voice over the internet

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